Аssisted Reproduction

Assisted Reproduction

Assisted reproduction applied when the condition of the man or woman does not allow the implementation of their reproductive functions naturally.
 Assisted reproduction is carried out after obtaining written informed consent from individuals wishing to produce offspring.
(2) The assisted reproduction is made after medical tests to ensure the health of the offspring.
(3) The assisted reproduction is performed according to medical standard adopted by the Minister of Health.
(4) The assisted reproduction includes activities related to:
1. the use of medical methods for the fertilization of the ovum, which is located inside or outside the body of the woman;
2. making, expertise, processing, labeling, delivery, transportation and storage of eggs, sperm, or zygotes;
3. taking an egg from a woman and placing it in the body of the same woman;
4. taking an egg from a woman and her insertion into the body of another woman.
(5) The taking of eggs from the donor in the cases under par. 4 pt. 4 can be performed if the following conditions:
1. the donor is an adult and is not under guardianship;
2. has received written consent from the donor, certified by a notary, in whose area of ​​operation is the hospital, which will make the claim;
3. The donor is informed in plain language for the risks assumed;
4. The physical and mental health of the donor is found by a protocol signed by the members of the commission appointed by the director of the hospital, making the claim, which consists of at least three physicians who do not participate in the composition of the team making.
(6) The medical institutions are obliged to prepare an annual report on the activities carried out under par. 4 model approved in accordance with Art. 131, para. 11 and submit it to the Executive Agency for Transplantation.
(7) The offering of material benefit to the donor eggs or sperm, and the adoption of the material benefit of the donor.
Not allow artificial fertilization with sperm from a donor who is consanguinity in a straight line and collateral relatives to the fourth degree with the woman, which is the egg. The fact is certified by a written declaration by those wishing to create offspring.


Аssisted Reproduction Аssisted Reproduction