отказ от права

Essence of procedure The refusal of inheritance and adoption of inheritance, wills are one-sided. Denial of inheritance is a unilateral act which expressly must be made by written application (application) before the district judge in the area where outdoor heritage. Enter in a special book about acceptance and waiver. With the waiver successor is disinterested than those of rights and obligations. Therefore, in accordance with the law of succession is not permissible waiver made conditional (eg in favor of some of the other heirs) for a period or part of the inheritance. The second case in which the heir can renounce the inheritance is when summoned to inheritance. At the request of any interested district judge, after summoning the person who is entitled to inherit, set a deadline to said I accept the inheritance or refusing it. When there is a lawsuit against the heir, this period is determined by the court hearing the case. If in the given period heir did not answer, he loses the right to accept the inheritance. The statement successor shall be entered in a special book. An application for registration of waiver is a written statement submitted to the district judge in the area where outdoor heritage (it opens at death and the last residence of the deceased, which said the refusal of the entire share of the inheritance, which is defined by law for the applicant (rather than individual objects from the estate part). Notarized waiver of the succession Although not legally regulated. Notary procedure can be performed by any notary regardless of the relationship between the region of its action and the notary, that when choosing a notary is irrelevant address the heir whose signature will be verified or where the estate was opened.  special cases 1 / When the settlement is no notary or district court, the mayor of the settlement, which is not a municipal center and, if municipal center - the mayor, deputy mayor, secretary of municipality and deputy shall certify the signatures on private documents unilateral acts and not subject to registration. 2 / Bulgarian diplomatic and consular representatives abroad can certify signatures on private documents they are not subject to registration, presented by Bulgarian citizens (art. 84 of WNIS).



отказ от права отказ от права