A criminal case for maintenance

Maintenance is the provision of resources (money) from one person to another in need of them, among them there is a family connection. When someone is ordered to pay maintenance by a final judgment, but does not fulfill this decision, i. E. Still does not pay alimony to the person entitled to receive it, it can lead to adverse consequences for it. One of these consequences is the possibility of formation of an enforcement case against him and the other from condemnation Criminal Court as non-payment of maintenance for more than two months is a criminal offense under the Penal Code. The offense under the Penal Code is directed against the social relations within the family (which aims to protect the everyday needs of people who are incapacitated and can not live on the property and alimony must be supplied periodically to avoid adverse consequences delay it because of what the law states that it should be paid monthly) and is projecting defaults by deliberately omission of a final decision on the payment of alimony in the amount of two or more installments, without the legislature has indicated the requirement that they be "consistent." The offense under Art. 183, para. 1 NC would not be carried out only if it is established that the person has paid the full debt, or failure is in two monthly installments, or it is extinguished (eg. Because of the coming of age of the downward not continue their education or it continues, but you should have enacted a new solution that alimony can provide it to him; death of a robust person, at the wedding of successful ex-husband and others. If the perpetrator, after being found guilty under the Criminal Code is exempt from punishment again fails the maintenance within the prescribed period, there is an offense with imprisonment up to two years or probation and a public reprimand.



A criminal case for maintenance A criminal case for maintenance