Am I entitled to protection as a witness

Only witnesses in criminal cases are entitled to protection, ie if you are a witness in a civil case, for example. your neighbors arguing about border of the property - not.
As a witness you are required to pass specified in the summons place and date. You must answer the questions that you ask and tell everything you know. But if you fear for your life or think as a witness would endanger his family, you can request protection from a court or prosecutor. The right to protection have your loved ones - parents, children, siblings, spouse or anyone with whom you are particularly close relationship, which is also likely to suffer if testify.
When and from whom you can get protection?
To take measures for your immediate protection or for the protection of your loved ones, you must have reasonable grounds to believe that a result of your testimony has arisen or may arise a real danger to you or your family and this requires urgent and immediate protection. The degree of risk is assessed in each case. It can be expressed in threats, violence, extortion.
If you think you are in danger or your loved ones are in danger, you can request protection from these government bodies:
court / judge - rapporteur;
In this case, the security authorities assess whether there is a danger and may take measures to protect you and to protect your loved ones. Take into account the crime committed, whether there is a danger the accused to threaten you, and also the importance of the information that you can give any other information that is relevant to the assessment of the danger.
If the court, the prosecutor or judge - rapporteur judge yourself that you need to protect, and you have not asked for one before imposing measures must specifically ask you whether wanting protection. Can not impose measures unless you have given consent. At any time I can get protection, regardless of how the case develops.
How is this defense? Do I have to pay for it?
Your defense is temporary, as long as the danger to health or your life. It is free. Protective measures that can be implemented are:
your identity be kept secret, ie under questioning in the case giving evidence as a witness with a secret identity - disguises your voice;
protection of life, health and / or your property by the police, for example. personal physical security, security of property you temporary accommodation in a safe place, including and change your residence.
If those measures can provide adequate effective protection, apply special safeguards. These measures are defined in the program for witness protection, which is implemented by the Bureau for protection under the Prosecutor General.
IMPORTANT! To be included in the protection program must sign in three days from the date of the order of the Prosecutor or the date of the decision of the Council for protection, a written agreement with the Bureau of protection. From that moment will become a protected person and will be included in the program.
What will be included in this program?
To start the procedure for inclusion in the program for witness protection must submit a request - orally or in writing. The procedure can begin officially on the initiative of the investigating authority, the supervising prosecutor or the chief of the place of imprisonment - for convicted persons. Your express written consent is necessary in all cases where the program does not start at your request, and officially.
What protective measures include a program?
IMPORTANT! Special protective measures apply only to criminal cases initiated for serious intentional criminal offenses (those for which a punishment of imprisonment, life imprisonment or life imprisonment without parole) and all the crimes committed by order or implementing a decision of an organized criminal group.
The measures can be used together or separately, temporarily - until the danger or permanently. Protection program may include the provision of social, medical, psychological, legal or financial assistance.
What are your duties in defense?
As a protected person are obliged to:
Avoid contact with criminals;
refrain from actions eg. to go out without you provided security, which can endanger your safety or impede the implementation of the Programme for protection;
comply with protection measures;
report immediately to the Bureau of protecting any information you know about the criminal proceedings in connection with which you acquired the status of a protected person;
perform their obligations to individuals and legal entities, for example. tax which arose prior to be included in the program and which are not fulfilled by the state;
immediately inform the Bureau for protection of any changes in your condition and any activities you do during the implementation of the Programme for protection;
not to disclose your inclusion in the Programme for protection.
Termination of protection program
The program is terminated:
when there is no real danger to you or your loved ones;
when expires in the agreement;
if you do not perform its obligations under the agreement without good reason;
at your request to the Attorney General, through the liaison officer with the Bureau of protection.


Am I entitled to protection as a witness Am I entitled to protection as a witness