Causing bodily harm

Quite by accident I found my girlfriend with another man. I dropped the curtain and Totally Naked.
I caused him a slight bodily injury - a hematoma and broken bones Regulations.
What to expect such consequences - possible sentence, fines and compensations, etc.?
Mild injury requires that there is health disorder than the cases of heavy and medium bodily injury. The law given all the injuries to the body, which led to illness, unless it is prolonged, continuous, permanent or temporary life threatening. This is a short-term health disorder, resulting in slight damage to the anatomical integrity of the body or tissues, as well as slight changes in physiological functions beyond pain and suffering.
In light bodily injury with infliction of pain or suffering without health disorder, damaged undergoes only pain or suffering. The content of this damage is limited to short-lived body aches caused by the damage to various body parts. In essence pain represents an unpleasant physical sensation, and pain is a continuous process of pain. It is not necessary in each case to prove that the victim suffered pain or suffering. Enough is committed violation is of such a nature as to cause such effects under normal conditions. When this damage may have objective traces.
The pain and suffering that given art. 130, para. 2 NC, are temporary, such as the pain of a slap or blow to the body that leave no traces.
Under Art. 130, para. 2 NC pain or suffering must be of such a nature of such a nature that it does not pose a health disorder. Such pain or suffering would be for example the application of a slap or another blow to the arm or leg or an object in the body of the victim, which hit not lead to violation of bodily integrity, but only temporary pain from the blow. However, a break in the skin of the body from impact and resulted in medical intervention to suture the wound, this represents no health disorder because the victim would be forced to undergo an, albeit small operation. This victim will be forced albeit for a short time to lie and stick to a regimen. One, though a little break in the skin of the body might be necessary, for example, and an injection (serum) against tetanus and hence compliance with certain diet, indicating that there has been known health disorder.
Causing another health disorder than the cases of heavy and medium body, shall be punished for minor bodily harm with imprisonment of up to two years or probation.
For light bodily harm expressed in causing pain or suffering without health disorder, the punishment is imprisonment of up to six months or probation or a fine of one hundred to three hundred lev.


Causing bodily harm Causing bodily harm