Changing the names of Bulgarian citizens

The Supreme Court of the Republic  It stipulates that proceedings under name change is guarding. As such, it starts at the request of the person concerned and ends with the decision of the court, which is security act without the force of res judicata. Therefore, according to court these decisions are not subject to cancellation and no obstacle individuals to reapply to change the name. The judges accept that the presence of important circumstances within the meaning of Art. 19, para. 1 ZGR should be assessed in each case based on evidence from the general principles of civil law and public morality. According to case important circumstances made personally and socially awkward and inappropriate for the person's name, which change is sought and difference in surnames of family members, the subjective desire of the person to wear a name when it's related to considerations of ethnic or religious character, so his right to free self-determination of these signs, the reputation of the person in society with the name that is identified and when the family of that person is known in society is different from that on her birth certificate.



Changing the names of Bulgarian citizens Changing the names of Bulgarian citizens