Compensation for bodily harm

Mild injury requires that there is health disorder than the cases of heavy and medium bodily injury. The law given all the injuries to the body, which led to illness, unless it is prolonged, continuous, permanent or temporary life threatening. This is a short-term health disorder, resulting in slight damage to the anatomical integrity of the body or tissues, as well as slight changes in physiological functions beyond pain and suffering.
In light bodily injury with infliction of pain or suffering without health disorder, damaged undergoes only pain or suffering. The content of this damage is limited to short-lived body aches caused by the damage to various body parts. In essence pain represents an unpleasant physical sensation, and pain is a continuous process of pain. It is not necessary in each case to prove that the victim suffered pain or suffering. Enough is committed violation is of such a nature as to cause such effects under normal conditions.
 Chasing is a private complaint of the victim. Desirable, even if it is mandatory to be given a medical certificate.
If you are a victim of violence, remove this license immediately if you possible.
If you do this, it has witnessed the incident, who are willing to help you. Paid money for medical you can search by the offender, along with compensation for your non-pecuniary damage / in legal terminology are called suffering and pain / they pose to your property damage, too, so are the funds earmarked for the purchase of medicines, medical and interventions, if any. You can request a certificate from a psychologist.
People mistakenly believe it is necessary to have a large, easily visible wounds, hospitalization, medical interventions. Such things are not necessary to claim damages and to be issued a medical certificate.
Mandatory complaint must be filed within 6 months after you committed against encroachment to condemn offending to you to imprisonment, fine or probation. Fine paid to the state, apart from the compensation which will claim for damages.
If you miss this deadline, you can search harm within five years, but will not be criminal and in civil proceedings, ie no bully to be convicted of a crime with imprisonment, fine or probation. However, you will receive monetary compensation.
Non-pecuniary damages are your unpleasant emotional experience, due to experienced pain and humiliation. They prove with witnesses and / or expertise. Plaintiff alone determines what amount to claim. Suffered by you pain and suffering from mental and physical character, the court awarded damages in the order of several thousand Levs.


Compensation for bodily harm Compensation for bodily harm