division of property

Division of property

To be valid partition, they must involve all heirs. If one of the heirs / by law or by will / does not participate, it is invalid, null and void in law. In this case, the community does not cease, because the remaining heirs without the consent of non alone can not dispose of his share. Such partition Textile produces jacquard not have any legal consequences for those who participated in it and for those who participated in it and for those who did not participate.
  As a successor has sold his inheritance straight- its stake to a third party, when filing a claim for partition as a country should participate buyer, not a seller of those rights. But if the case for partition was formed before the sale of the inheritance share, it will continue between the heirs. The buyer of the inheritance may intervene in the case only with the consent of all co-partitioner. When one of them opposed the buyer of inheritance rights can only participate as a helper to the seller, and not instead of it ..
Legatees, which are specifically bequeathed certain properties may not want partition or uastvat as co-partitioners as not entitled to share in the survivor community. They may only want to predvavneto given their covenant separate property from the property of the deceased.
Partition can be complete or partial, ie cover all hereditary community or part of it. If in carrying out her be omitted or be left undivided any inherited property, it is divided further.


division of property division of property