Find out what benefits you are entitled to your new country

Equal treatment of EU citizens

personal history
Rose is from Bulgaria, but lives and works in France with her husband and three children. He wants to buy a card for train discount for a large family, but it was refused because neither she nor her children are French citizens.
Rose must insist and, if necessary, to seek help from various departments for EU aid. All working EU citizens with numerous families (in many countries 3 or more children) are entitled to a discount on train fares in the country in which they work from the day you start working - if there are similar reductions for nationals of the country.
As an EU citizen working in another EU country, you and your family have a right to be treated as nationals of the country.
Your rights and benefits in the host country may differ from those in your country of origin.
Job search: public employment services
As an EU citizen who is looking for work in another EU country, you are entitled to the same support from public employment services as nationals.
Contact the Public Employment Services.
At the work place
As an EU citizen must be treated in the same way as your colleagues who are nationals of the host country.
This includes:
Remuneration and other conditions of employment and working conditions
Health and safety at work
Access to training, vocational schools and retraining centers - for you and your children
Access to housing, including social housing or facilities for house purchase
Right to join a union, to vote and be eligible for the administration or management positions in a syndicate
Social and tax advantages
Dismissal, recovery and re-employment
As an EU citizen you are entitled to the same benefits as working citizens of this country from the day you start work there (on an employed or self-employed person).
This may include benefits that are not directly related to work, such as lower fares for trains supplementary pensions, scholarships for training, unemployment benefits for your children when they seek their first job.


Find out what benefits you are entitled to your new country Find out what benefits you are entitled to your new country