How do I change the family of a minor child?

Changing the first, middle or last name is accepted by the court based on the written request of the principal, where he is ridiculing, disgracing or publicly unacceptable, and where important circumstances require.
What is the procedure for changing the name?
You need to submit a written application to the court, which must contain my personal data:
full name;
address / if the personal and the court do not match fit both /.
On the basis of that request, the court decide whether to grant my wish to change your name.
It also describes the rationale for wanting to change the name. It is necessary to justify the reason for my request, which must be sufficiently reasonable to allow the court to allow this change. It is imperative to point out one of the reasons mentioned. For example, it is not possible to fit in the application as grounds that '' this name me tired and want another. ''
The application shall be submitted relevant documents proving the allegation. Allowed and bringing witnesses, but it must first be made in the application as well as to identify their names.
Before you submit the application should be signed and pay a state fee of 15 lev
It is possible that the court considers it necessary to present the certificate of conviction. This is done in case the court has doubts that it is possible to carry out a crime, for which wants to change this and this is not in the public interest.
Which body has jurisdiction to hear the appeal?
Absolute prerequisite to application lodged with the district court in whose area the permanent address documents. It is the competent authority who has the right to examine the request and rule on it.
How to appeal the court's refusal to grant the request to change the name?
If the court rejects the request within one week of delivery of the decision have the right to appeal. The competent authority who accepts the appeal is the district court.
It is important to know that the name change is drafting a new birth certificate.
In the production of art. 19, para. 3 ZGR should participate Regional Prosecutor's Office, Municipality, respectively. municipalities issued the relevant acts of civil registration (birth and marriage certificate). Where an application to change the surname of a minor should be present social report by the Agency for Child Protection. Production is guarding. If the request is granted, the court ordered automatically to fit the change in relevant acts of civil registration.


How do I change the family of a minor child? How do I change the family of a minor child?