Maternity leave

Family, motherhood and children are protected by the state and society.

Mothers enjoy the special protection of the state, which ensures a paid leave before and after childbirth, free obstetric care, alleviated working conditions and other social benefits.
I have a right to paid leave due to pregnancy and childbirth in size every 410 days for my child.
45 days it must be used before the estimated date of the birth of my child. If it was born before the expiry of those 45 days of the commencement of such leave, the remainder to them using it after birth.
The purpose of this leave is:
- Recovery.
- The application of immediate care for my child. In my consent, the leave can be used by my husband after six months of birth. But then I have to be back at work myasto.-
- If I am married or living together with her husband, he is entitled to 15 days leave from the date of the presentation of our child.
Maternity leave is paid leave. I have a right to financial compensation for pregnancy in the amount of 90% of the average daily gross wage or average daily contributory income on which they are imported or social security contributions due, and if I am self-employed - paid insurance contributions for sickness and maternity period 24 calendar months prior to maternity leave, but only if I have accumulated 12-month total retirement for this risk. These funds are not paid by my employer and by the National Insurance Institute. For this purpose, all my mandatory contributions must be imported.
Terms size of the daily cash benefit can not be less than the minimum daily wage established for the country and more than the average daily net remuneration for the period for which compensation is calculated.
Minimum compensation (state) in the amount of minimum monthly wage work - is currently 380.00 lev
For further raising my child to his age of 2 years of age have a right to paid and unpaid leave.
After using the leave for pregnancy, childbirth or adoption, if the child is with me, I have a right to parental leave for the first, second and third child until the age of two-year old and 6 months for each subsequent child, it can to benefit from the father or one of our parents when they work in an employment relationship, but with my consent.
If I am an adoptive parent or child up to 2 years of age is accommodated with me buy you the same rights.
I can use it only if I am a mother of four and more children under the age of 2 years of the child, he may benefit from the father and one from our parents, but with my consent. Provide upon request by the time recognized as service period.
Leave for breastfeeding and feeding a small child.
If you own nursing and feeding my baby 8 months, I'm entitled to one hour of paid leave 2 times a day with my consent or two hours at a time. Once the child reaches 8 months, can I use one hour daily at the discretion of the health authorities. This is making me leave if I adopter. However, if you work at reduced working day of 7 or less hours this holiday is 1 hour per day.
Unpaid parental leave my child to 8 years
It can be used both me and my husband, after the use of paid and unpaid leave for raising a child up to 2 years of age. Leave up to 6 months and can be used at once or separately. Can I use this if I leave and adoptive parent or guardian. We are entitled to use up to 5 months of leave with the other parent's consent.
Paid leave for two or more living children
Only if agreed in a collective agreement, depending on whether they have two or more children under 18 years have the right to two, respectively - four working days of paid leave.
The collective agreement is a contract between my employer and trade union organizations. Usually concluded with the participation of workers, its purpose is to provide better working conditions. It is mandatory for those who concluded it and it can regulate matters that are not in the law.
In this case, it may be agreed additional paid leave for two or more living children, the amount and conditions of use.
Leave me be terminated at my request with a written application to the enterprise, in which I work or when:
1. I have withdrawn or limited by the established order custody;
2. my child is given up for adoption;
3. my child be placed in a kindergarten full state maintenance - nursery or other settings;
4. my child is permanently placed in a family of relatives or relatives or in foster family;
5. child dies.
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Maternity leave Maternity leave