Parental rights after divorce

Parental rights after divorce
Undoubtedly thwarting the contacts between the father and his child by the mother and her father is a form of action which is contrary to the interests of the child.
In deciding who to custody, the court must take into account the circumstances of the case and then in their entirety. Gender and age of the child are only part of this network, it can not be assumed that always the child of a particular sex is - adapted to take care of the parent of the same sex compared to the other parent. Gender and age of the child must be tailored, but in combination with vazpitatelskite qualities and moral outlook of the parents, their attitude towards children and their desire to care for them, the affection of children and other circumstances which may be relevant to a case.
Not in the interest of the child to be allowed one parent to appear abroad with the consent of the other permanent and unlimited. May be in his best interest to issue such a permit for a specified period and for a particular country, whether this interest exists not only determined by parental qualities of the parent who claims the authorization.
Wrongly claim that when a parent whom were granted to exercise parental rights have the necessary parenting skills can not be denied is authorized to display the child from the country permanently and indefinitely. The issue of residence of the child and putting him out of the country is not decided with regard to the quality of the parent custody, but decided in the interests of the child, established in the particular case.
When the court decides a dispute between the parents on measures of personal relations between them and the child, including the disagreement of parents on the child's journey abroad, he is guided primarily by the interests of the child. Not in the circle of those interests the child can be output to the discretion of the parent anywhere outside the country because the parent may decide to take a child in a country that has, for example, civil war or epidemic situation creating danger for his life and health. In a global prior authorization and without it to be conditioned when and how the child to be returned to the territory of the country, the state is deprived of any possibility of control over the actions of the parent whom are available for custody


Parental rights after divorce Parental rights after divorce