The so-called PERSONAL CARD is actually a Bulgarian personal document - an identity document identifying a particular person. Every person can only have one identity card. Identity document is also: 1 passport, dipl.passport, official passport, seaman's passport, military identity card; 2 driving license.
 The following identity documents shall be issued to foreigners staying in the Republic of Bulgaria: 1. a refugee's card; 2. a card of a foreigner who has been granted asylum; 3. a card of a foreigner with a humanitarian status; 4. temporary card of a foreigner; 5. a certificate for traveling abroad of a refugee; 6. certificate for traveling abroad of a foreigner who has been granted asylum; 7. certificate for traveling abroad of a foreigner with humanitarian status; 8. certificate of travel abroad to a stateless person; 9. temporary certificate of leaving the Republic of Bulgaria; 10. certificate of return to the Republic of Bulgaria of a foreigner.
These personal documents under the law are property of the state.
Every citizen is obliged:
- to protect from loss, damage or destruction of your personal document;
- if he finds a foreign personal document to hand it over to the MoI authorities;
- at the request of an official to present his / her personal document.
- in case of loss, theft, damage or destruction of the Bulgarian personal document, the person who keeps it shall be obliged to declare this personally or electronically within 3 days;
- when changing names, gender, gender, citizenship, address, etc. to apply for the issue of new documents within 30 days;
No one has the right to give or accept a pledge or to use or assign a Bulgarian personal document to another person.
If, as a Bulgarian citizen, you hold identity documents issued by another state, you must notify the competent Bulgarian authorities in writing within 60 days of their acquisition.
For the issuance of a Bulgarian personal document, it is necessary to submit an application to the competent authorities and, if no photo is taken on the person in the place to provide one that meets certain requirements. The application shall be personally signed by the person in the presence of an authorized official, who shall also take biometric data in the cases provided for by the law. Children under the age of 12 and those physically incapacitated do not remove biometrics. For the application, the person may not appear personally if: 1. there is no change in the name, the single civil number (personal number or personal number of a foreigner), gender, nationality or there have been no substantial and lasting changes in the person's image; 2. the necessary biometric data have been taken to him within 59 months from the date of filing the application; 3. is provided by law.
 A Bulgarian personal document is received personally and, exceptionally, when the application was submitted in person - by an authorized person upon presentation of a notarized explicit power of attorney.
 An application for the issue of Bulgarian personal documents may also be filed electronically under certain conditions but only then in person.
 Every Bulgarian citizen who lives on the territory of the country is obliged to request the issuance of an identity card within 30 days after reaching the age of 14 and if he / she resides abroad within 30 days of his / her return to the country.