Property disputes between spouses

joint contributions
The joint offering is the basis of marital property. If there is, there are community if missing - community does not arise. The law defines two possible forms of contribution - direct material assistance for the acquisition of property and indirectly - and establishes a legal presumption of existence.
If it is undisputed that during the marriage one spouse has acquired real estate law / whatever is the ownership of real estate / without it's absolute individual basis / as are donations and inheritance /, the only way possible to establish that this property is not community property, to rebut the assumption of joint contributions.
The expression "during the marriage" means that relate to the acquisition during the period from the date of marriage until its termination by a final decision in cases of divorce and declaring the marriage void or the fact of the death of one spouse .
The idea, which introduced the SC to declare total property acquired during the marriage by their husbands than those acquired by inheritance and donation and serving for the usually private use and exercise of the profession is that their acquisition is the result of general efforts both by obtaining cash, work to create assets, labor in the household or otherwise.
When during the marriage between spouses is made structure on the property, exclusive property of only one of them so made building can become a family community property of both spouses only if that building could be subject to a separate private property ownership in place respectively the building, which is the exclusive property of one spouse.


Property disputes between spouses Property disputes between spouses