Respect for length of service overtime overtime

Pursuant to Art. 38, para. 15 of the Regulation on Pensions and the Insured Traineeship as of 1 January 2005, the length of time during which the persons have worked overtime shall be taken into account. In this case, the length of the insurance service is counted as the sum of the hours worked during the month, including the overtime, after turning the night hours into the night shift into daily ones, was divided into the person's statutory working hours. The retirement probation may be longer than the calendar time.
In accordance with the above provision, the length of service, which is considered as extraordinary by the employer and for which remuneration for overtime work has been paid by the order of art. 262 and 263 of the Labor Code.
According to the provision of Art. 18, para. 2 of the Regulation on working time, breaks and holidays the hours worked overtime are recorded in the payroll for the respective month.
When these circumstances occur, the insurer, upon termination of the employment or official contract, issues a model certificate UP-3 stating the separately insured length of service for the statutory working hours and separately the hours of overtime.
The powers of the NSSI control bodies are to check the records of length of service and income according to the data of the payroll. Checking the correct reporting of overtime is under the authority of the Labor Inspectorate. According to Art. 149 of the Labor Code, the employer is obliged to keep a special book for the reporting of extraordinary work and report every six months to the labor inspectorate.


Respect for length of service overtime overtime Respect for length of service overtime overtime