Retirement abroad

As an EU citizen you have the right to live in another EU country.
However, if you receive a pension in another country, how this affects the rest of your social security benefits? And where should you pay taxes?
Old-age pension
Where to apply
If you worked in several EU countries may have accumulated pension rights in each of them.
You must apply to the pension authorities in the country where you live or where you last worked. If you've never worked in the country in which you live, this country will forward your request for a pension in the country where you last worked.
Then this country is responsible for processing your application and for collecting information about your pension contributions in all countries where you worked.
In some countries the pension authority should send you the application form before you have reached retirement age in this country. If you do not get through to the pension authority to find out if you send it automatically.
You should seek information to obtain a pension at least six months before you retire, because the procedure for granting a pension from several countries can take time.
Necessary documents
The documents vary in different countries, but usually have to provide your banking information and some kind of identification.
For more detailed information contact the pension authority handling your request.
Difference in retirement age
In some EU countries will have to wait longer before receiving a pension.
You can get a pension only in the country where you live now (or you last worked) once you reach the legal retirement age in this country. If you have accumulated pension rights in other countries you will get these parts of your pension only when you reach the legal retirement age in their respective countries.
It is therefore important to be informed in advance in all countries where you have worked, what will be your position if you change the date of their retirement.
If you take one pension earlier than the other, it might affect the amounts you receive.
You can get advice from the relevant authorities in the country where you live and / or in countries where you worked.
personal history
Do not forget about the different (later!) Retirement ages in other countries
Caroline from France worked 15 years in Denmark, then returned to France at the end of his career. At the age of 60, she applied for a pension in France in the order established there, but her pension is very low.
60 years old Caroline has only French part of their pension. She will receive the portion accruing to it from Denmark when turned 67 years - the statutory retirement age in Denmark for her age group.


Retirement abroad Retirement abroad