Slight injuries

Slight injuries
On minor bodily povredi- Article 130 of the Penal Code
In practice there are deviations touching the nature of this kind of slight injury. In some cases into account the necessary signs of damage, and another overestimated and consequently acts improperly qualify. Improper opredelyaneharaktera body damage is reflected not only the responsibility of the offender, but also of the jurisdiction of the act.
This type of injury requires that there be a health disorder outside the cases of heavy and medium bodily injury. The law has given all the injuries to the body, which led to illness, unless it is prolonged, continuous, permanent or temporary life threatening. Case of brief health disorder, resulting in mild impairment of anatomical integrity of the body or tissues, as well as slight changes in physiological functions beyond pain and suffering.
In the practice of the courts properly considered minor injuries with health disorder cases of skin injuries, bruising of body parts, breaking the nasal bones, burns from a mild, mild sprains of limbs, concussion without loss of consciousness , contusion wounds and many others.
Minor injuries resulting in scratches and redness of the skin do not constitute disabilities with health disorder.
Mild injury by degree of damage are there grow with health disorder without health disorder. Health disorder within the meaning of Article 130, paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code is when there is slight damage anatomic integrity of the organism or tissue, as well as slight changes in physiological functions beyond pain and suffering. Bodily harm without health disorder - Article 130, paragraph 2 of the Penal Code, is when the injured suffered only pain or suffering, which translates into short-term physical pain caused by the damage to various body parts.
Under Article 130, paragraph 3 of the Penal Code, if the '' victim is returned immediately to Mr. perpetrator by the same injury, the court can release both of punishment ''.


Slight injuries Slight injuries