Supplementary pensions abroad

Supplementary pension schemes for retirement, survivors or disability, designed to supplement or replace statutory state pensions.

Before you sign a contract to participate in additional pension scheme, check how moving / living abroad will affect your pension rights. If this leads to any adverse effects, they are illegal.
If you leave a supplementary pension scheme because it is moving to work in another EU country, you have rights as cashtite
those who remain in the same country but stop paying contributions - for example because they change jobs.
Fred worked 8 years in country A to an entity that has a generous supplementary pension package.
He found work in another country and started working for an employer who also offers an additional retirement package.
Fred left the supplementary scheme in country A but the insurer told him that his acquired rights will be lost if you move to another country.
Fred is associated with the European Consumer Center and receive legal assistance. In the end, his previous insurer agreed to preserve his contributions in country A.
Pension companies sometimes penalize individuals who move abroad by refusing to pay their pensions, impose additional fees or require individuals to repay accrued interest.
It is illegal - if it happens to you, you can contact the European Consumer Centers.
Anna worked four years for the same employer in country A before moving to country B, where it remains permanently.
When you retire, apply for your additional pension from country A but the insurer refused, explaining that only persons who have remained in the scheme longer than five years are entitled to payment.
Anna feels discriminated against because of his decision to move to work in another country and sue the insurer. However, it lost the case, since the requirement for a 5-year participation refers to all members of the scheme, regardless of whether they change the country in which they work or not.
If you move abroad, your previous country of residence may ask you to reset all the tax benefits you received for payment of supplementary pension.
It is illegal - for your additional pension should apply the same tax conditions for supplementary pensions paid to residents in the country.


Supplementary pensions abroad Supplementary pensions abroad