What are the requirements for building works?

Works are above ground, semi-underground, underground and underwater buildings, structures, additions, upgrades, networks and facilities of the technical infrastructure, public works and sports facilities and others. According to the Bulgarian court this development is characterized as a complex event, as has been compiled and includes various elements - residential construction, roads, public works areas, spaces, communications, etc., Including areas for planting as part of the construction. The court also ruled that the fragmentation of the otherwise uniform in functional and spatial relation investment proposal of parts, the issuance of building permits for individual subsites of the complex investment project is a form of circumvention in order to avoid the application precisely to the requirements of special laws and provisions of Art. 169, para. 1 TDA. The determination of an object as construction is determined by the availability of data for lasting change in the substance of the land or building, depending on its construction, not the type of material of which is built. Subjects performed on a concrete foundation with the bricks attachment to base represent construction.


Building requirements On the basis LSP construction designed, implemented and maintained in accordance with the requirements for accessible environment for the population, including people with disabilities, established by the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works, and those requirements undoubtedly also apply to the transport technical infrastructure and facilities to it - bridges, tunnels, overpasses, underpasses, crossings and others. In connection with the additional conditions set sagalsno law of public procurers to participants must be pointed out that any condition imposed by the entities associated with setting limits, which are formal - time bound with a beginning and an end; amounts - minimum and maximum; number of units for personnel, products and many others; formal requirements for form, authentication and so on.. That does not make requirements themselves and their strict application unlawful, on the contrary, creates security and ensure compliance with the fundamental principles of law. The mayor could order the removal of "inappropriate location" fences, but just in case any of the conditions laid down in the provision of Art. 169, para. 1-3 TDA. In any case, when it comes to construction sites to be liable for payment of compensation to the contractor implemented it on site construction works shall comply with the approved technical design / if there is none - the agreed between the parties in the contract / s the relevant building regulations. The design of structures of different materials and designs for buildings such as nuclear and other power plants, hydro and transportation facilities, silos and tanks, high chimneys, masts, towers, etc., And determining the impacts on them are carried out in the terms and conditions of Regulation 3/2004 on the requirements of specific regulations. This regulation applies to design constructions of new buildings and in renovations, conversions, overhauls or change of use of buildings. In the seizure of common parts of a building there is a transformation of ownership, such as common areas become part of the objects individually owned or transformed into objects, individual property. Then legally required consent notarized signatures of all floor owners. The construction of the attic is not made by routine if outside architectural design and a construction permit. Therefore, the nature of the constructed ceiling above the third floor is a common purpose in part. He can not be the subject of transfer transaction and acquisitive prescription.


What are the requirements for building works? What are the requirements for building works?