What are the rights of Bulgarians in the EU when they work there?

As an EU citizen, you get a number of additional rights that you can freely take advantage of. One of them is free movement within the 28 Member States. In addition, you have the right to stay for up to 3 months only with an ID card / passport, you can also work in the country for an indefinite period of time. This is possible in two cases - under a contract of employment and when starting your own business.
In the first case, you can freely apply for any job announced in the EU Member States. Not only do you have an advantage over any worker from a non-EU country (Macedonia, USA), but you are equal to the citizens of the country you are applying for.
 If you are approved and enter into an employment contract, you have the right to move to the country indefinitely. Your stay can only be terminated on serious grounds when, for example, you are seriously violating public order, security or public health.
Important! In some countries there are restrictions on certain posts such as public administration positions. Therefore, in some European countries, you can not work for example in a ministry or in a state agency. It is good to know well before applying for a job whether there is no restriction on your profession in your country.
You have the opportunity to settle in an EU Member State when you start your own business.
You can do this both for exercising a free profession (according to the rules of the respective Member State) and if you find a commercial representation / branch of your company or you decide to open a subsidiary in the EU member state concerned.
What are your rights as an EU worker?
 It does not matter if you have started your own business or are on a labor contract, the European Union prohibits any discrimination in your nationality. This means that you are guaranteed to work under the same conditions as local workers. This includes:
equal employment conditions;
equal working conditions;
equal remuneration;
equal prerequisites for dismissal;
equal social rights, including benefits;
right to acquire and use land and buildings;
the right to the same tax advantages (reliefs);
equal access to vocational training in vocational schools and centers; re-qualification;
right to a pension;
equal access to membership of trade unions;
Important! It is forbidden for employers to establish additional conditions for hiring EU citizens who do not apply to local citizens. The only added requirement may be language qualification. Therefore, the use of any special procedures for the hiring of foreign nationals and the availability of quotas for Europeans is illegal. In addition to equal working conditions, you also get the opportunity to take your family with you in the country. Also, your children must be admitted to public education, as do all local citizens.
When were you discriminated against?
If any of these conditions are not met by your employer or government, then you are a victim of discrimination and you can lodge a complaint and defend yourself by court order.


What are the rights of Bulgarians in the EU when they work there? What are the rights of Bulgarians in the EU when they work there?