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Consumers are misled about the reduced prices of the products with the message: "The day with the most and biggest discounts of the year", "Thousands of products up to 70% ". These messages reinforce the impression of exclusivity and uniqueness of tenders need speed, not to be missed opportunity to purchase the product. Product prices on the day of "Black Friday" were formed as a pre-inflated in this day selling price is given a certain discount, which is no artificial increase in the prices of many commodities included in the campaign's online store, providing up to 70 %, with a view to declaring a greater reduction in day Black petak.nalitse is deception on the part of those companies in connection ace this campaign. With that campaign consumers being misled about the availability of the goods - in most cases part of the announced promotional products are not in stock and real they can not be bought, because of these companies have extremely insufficient numbers. Different types of creatives create the impression of a serious, massive and spectacular campaign.

Regarding the entities responsible for misleading ads

The law expressly provides that liability for misleading or unlawful comparative advertising brings both the advertiser and the advertising agency that prepared it.

In terms of advertising campaigns But to what extent advertising misleading, should be analyzed with a view to the cumulative presence of several elements. First, in view of the manner of impact and presentation of advertising messages, they should be addressed to end users. Next creative must be able to fool an essential part of consumers as itself damage the interests of competitors in the hypothesis of Art. 33 may occur only through deception of consumers and thus affect their economic behavior. Therefore, regardless of how the presentation of advertising, it must be able to influence the mind of the consumer, and in a way that would cause him to purchase. Creatives for up to 70% discounts on products offered within the campaign to individual promotional merchandise objectively affect consumer demand and this kind of advertising aimed at price reduction as a key component that matters at the discretion of the user whether to make a purchase, it is able to motivate them to participate in the campaign. Very often precisely in short promotional offers intense and aggressive advertising businesses rely on users to take fast purchasing decision without having the opportunity to make informed choices. Just because the effect of incorrect presentation of the advertising more relevant, and therefore adverse effects of unfair free riding on attracting customers through established and seemingly artificial price reduction leads to more negative anti-competitive effects on the market. Commercial practice is misleading if it contains false information and is therefore untruthful or in any way, including its overall presentation, deceives or is likely to deceive the average consumer, even if the information is factually correct on any of the circumstances, When an offense under the Law on Consumer Protection, the guilty persons shall be imposed a fine, whereas sole proprietors and legal entities-pecuniary penalty ranging from 1,000 to 30,000 lev Unfair are misleading and aggressive commercial practices and fine of sole traders and legal persons shall be imposed a property sanction ranging from 3,000 to 15,000 lev When violations flag Commission for protecting consumers.




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