What we need to know about leave

What we need to know about holidays

The leave period of time during which an employee does not work, but employment remains. It is his personal right arising with employment and exercise amount and procedure stipulated by the Law. Terminated in the moment and terminate the employment relationship, as if it was used transformed into a right to monetary compensation. Leaves have different function, being paid and unpaid. The Labour Code regulates:
- Basic and extended paid leave
- Additional paid annual leave
- Leave for enforcement of civic, social and other obligations
- Leave during training mobilization event
- Leave of trade unionists
- Unpaid leave
- Service and sabbaticals
- Leave for temporary disability
- Leave due to pregnancy, childbirth and adoption
- Leave for child up to 2 years
- Leave for raising a child placed with relatives or foster family
- Unpaid leave for children up to 2 years
- Breastfeeding and feeding toddler
- Leave for death or serious illness of a parent
- Unpaid leave for children up to age 8
- Paid leave for two or more living children
- Paid training leave
- Leave for admissions at school
- Unpaid leave of students
Worker / employee - the person who has the right and use the leave.
Employer - Party employment agrees to use the leave or be informed of it in advance.
Bodies of medical expertise - as a prerequisite for using the leave is the issue of hospital sheet.
 Depending on the type of leave is different and the procedure to be followed when granting it. The steps for each are shown for specific holidays.
Every employee is entitled to paid annual leave.
 Upon receipt of the first job the employee may use paid annual leave when it acquires at least 8 months of service.
 Upon termination of employment prior to the acquisition of eight months of service the employee is entitled to paid annual leave calculated in accordance with Art. 224, para. 1.
 The amount of paid annual leave is not less than 20 working days.
 Some categories of employees depending on the particular nature of work are entitled to an extended annual leave, which is included in the basic annual paid leave. Categories of workers and the minimum amount of leave shall be determined by the Council of Ministers.


What we need to know about leave What we need to know about leave