Overtime when working outside established in my employment contract working hours, at weekends or during holidays. Depending on in which slots the clock work, overtime is a day and night.
My employer or his representative (eg governor) provides overtime by order. It is important to know that overtime is permitted only in a few cases specifically listed, as is generally prohibited by the Labour Code (LC). So my head can oblige me to work overtime on several grounds explicitly listed in CT:
to finish work started, which can not be completed in my working time;
recovery and repairs of machinery and equipment in the premises;
for seasonal work hard;
If I perform work in connection with the defense of the country (build defenses for example) - not applicable time limits specified below;
repair damage from disasters - not applicable time limit;
urgent need for public works such as the restoration of electricity, water, sewage, communication links or providing medical care - not applicable time limit.
Overtime can not exceed 150 hours, divided into portions no larger of the following:
for a week - 6 pm. daily or 4 pm. night work;
for a month - 30 pm. daily or 20 hours. night work;
for two consecutive days - 3 pm. daily or 2 hours. night work.
That night work shall be considered a work day in a 2 pm. Night work = 3 pm. Daily work.
I refuse to work overtime:
in the absence of ground (any of the above 6 bases);
violation of time limits.
If, however, be forced to work overtime, there is a violation of labor law and can:
Referral Executive Agency "General Labour Inspectorate". "Hotline" agency 0700 17 670, where can I turn signal and to receive advice.
Seek their rights in court - proceedings in labor disputes are free.
It is particularly important to know that overtime is paid with a percentage increase agreed upon in my employment contract salary:
work on weekdays - 50% increase;
for weekend work - 75% + increase'm entitled at least 24 hours of uninterrupted rest next week;
working holidays (whether work is extraordinary) - 100% increase.
When working in a summarized calculation of working time (determining the number of working hours as an average number for a specified period not longer than 6 months) increase is always 50%, except on official holidays, when he was 100%.
If you fall into any of these groups overtime, in my case, is absolutely prohibited (as well as night work) - again I can safely drop it lay:
employees who continue their education - allowed with consent;
pregnant workers / employees or workers / employees in an advanced stage of IVF treatment;
mothers of children up to 6 years of age;
mothers caring for children with disabilities (regardless of age) - allowed with consent;
reassigned (moved to another position in the company for health reasons) - if it does not adversely affect their health, be allowed with their consent;
employees who work in specific working conditions, which require reducing their working hours in view of their health - overtime is allowed here in the last three of the above reasons - ie where in order to protect vital public interests.
My employer is obliged to keep records of positions in his establishment overtime - a special book that reports to the labor inspectorate. He is obliged to protect and orders for overtime.


Overtime Overtime