Procedure for declaring a CFO

Procedure for declaring a CFO
The annual financial statement of my company must be announced in the Commercial Register in the following calendar year. Ie. in 2017 I am declaring the FFI for 2016. There is a certain deadline for this:
For all companies, whether ET, OOD, EOOD, AD, EAD, KD, etc. - until 30 June.
If I do not announce my FIFO in due time, I may be fined from 200 to 3,000 levs and a proprietary sanction of my company in the amount of 0,1% to 0,5% of the sales revenue for the year to which it relates unpublished financial statement. However, this pecuniary sanction is always at least BGN 200. In the case of a repeated violation, the amount of the fine and the property sanction are double.
There are two ways to submit your annual financial report. The first is in place in the Commercial Register. There I fill out an application in template D2. The second way is to submit the application electronically on the register site with a qualified electronic signature. The advantage of this method is that the fee, which is due, is half - 40 leva when submitting a seat against 20 leva by electronic means.
The application must be filed by the person named as the company's representative in the Commercial Register. Generally this is the manager. It is also possible for the author of the report to declare it, but it requires a notarized power of attorney. If I decide to use the services of a lawyer, he will do so with a simple power of attorney. To the application, in both cases, I apply the financial statement myself together with additional apps that depend on the type of my business:
For companies with more than one partner, a record of the general meeting at which the report is accepted is drawn up.
For EOOD the sole owner draws up a record.
It is also necessary to fill in:
declaration of authenticity of the circumstances declared for entry;
a statement that the documents submitted really come from the persons who signed them (if the application is submitted by a proxy).
When the application is filed by an attorney, the power of attorney (or the electronic version of the power of attorney when the application is submitted on an elective path) is also mandatory.
I must not forget to present a document certifying the fact that I have paid a state fee.


Procedure for declaring a CFO Procedure for declaring a CFO