Suicide Rumen Andreev! Four bullets later

Suicide Rumen Andreev! Four bullets later
Does the MI know the truth about the death of Roumen Andreev; his son turned out to be Peevsky's man
New and new questions emerge around the shooting of former interior deputy minister Rumen Andreev.
The man was found dead in his villa in the Shtarkelovo Gnezdo area near Iskar Reservoir two days ago.
The Interior Ministry rushed to announce that it was suicide. They added immediately, which is not a practice that Andreev had committed suicide after a quarrel with his wife.
The tragic incident has become mysterious, as people who have been around say they hear a few shots, not one.
Which is hard to explain if you are shooting yourself ... The Ministry of Interior is still silent.
Meanwhile it became clear that the son of the dead Andreev lawyer Geno Andreev, a partner at the law firm of attorney Alexander Angelov "Avior consult".
This is the office that serves the business and Delyan Peevsky himself, the MP Millionaire MP. Andreev, as well as Angelov, has started his professional career from Todor Batkov's law firm - "Batkov, Stoev, Botev and Sie". The two left her in 2009 and started her own business.
They Angelov and Andreev (both of their fathers were longtime employees of high positions in the State Security Service) are lawyers who have to Irena Krasteva, when acquired IPK "Rodina" and later a whole bunch of media. The same persons and their office are next to Peevsky when he takes control of Bulgartabac in 2014.
Aviora Consult is also associated with the acquisition of FC Levski after Todor Batkov withdrew from the "team of the people".
In one of his interviews, banker Tsvetan Vassilev states that he is the lawyer. Angelov from "Avior consult" went at it in 2014 with the proposal to transfer to Peevski biggest assets of CCB, including Vivacom, "Oil" and others. But he refused and followed the bank's bankruptcy.
Aviora Consult is also the ruler that protects Peevsky in dealing with English landowners and premises related to "Technomarket".
It is astonishing that the Ministry of Interior's rapid finding that the death of Rumen Andreev is the result of suicide. As well as highlighting a household cause, experts say. This is usually done after collecting clues, testimony and autopsy.


Suicide Rumen Andreev! Four bullets later Suicide Rumen Andreev! Four bullets later