What to do when my relative disappears without a trace?

What to do when my relative disappears without a trace

A few months ago I finally saw my husband sending him on a trip outside the country. Then a few days passed, but we never got together. Since then months have passed, but I still have no information about it. What should I do?
What can I do when a person disappears unknowingly?
Before my husband's indecision is declared, she has to go through a period of time during which there is no information about him - where he lives, what he eats, where he works, whether he is alive. Extinction is not necessarily due to specific circumstances - kidnapping, losing in the mountains or others. Excuse extinction is associated only with two prerequisites:
to have no idea of ​​the reasons for the person's absence, where he is and whether he is alive at all;
to have no information from and about it.
This means I have not seen it for an unusually long time, I could not have contacted it on the phone or received any information from it elsewhere.
In such cases, in order to protect the interests of my missing spouse, I can apply to the District Court (This is the court of the permanent address of the missing person, if it is not, then the application is lodged with the court of last residence). Such a request can also be made by our children, their parents and all other persons who prove they have an interest in it (such as creditors, employers). In any case, the representative of the missing person must be appointed from among relatives or relatives. If I am appointed as a representative, I will have the right to perform certain actions (These are management actions that aim to use, maintain and preserve property or property without permanently alienating or overwhelming) on ​​behalf of her husband for to preserve his interests.
If my husband continues to be missing information for a considerable period of time, there are already preconditions, not just for the appointment of a representative, but also for the establishment of absence from the court.
When can an absence be declared?
When my husband has no information for more than a year, I can apply to the District Court for a declaration of his unknowing absence. It is not necessarily previously known to have disappeared indefinitely to declare an absence. The court will decide whether to declare my husband's absence after hearing the prosecutor, the heirs at the date of the last notice, the proxies and other interested parties. In this sense, I have to keep in mind that the court can call me to give information.
What are the consequences of the announced absence?
My husband's heirs can ask the court to put us in temporary possession of his property. This means that we can manage its properties (living there, rent for up to 3 years), representing it to various institutions, and using its personal and property revenue (for example, the rental price of a dwelling) for their own needs. What we can not do without the court's explicit permission is to dispose of the property - to sell or mortgage apartments, to bet his belongings.


What to do when my relative disappears without a trace? What to do when my relative disappears without a trace?