Applying European Business Financing Programs

Applying European Business Financing Programs
This is the phase of the final package and sending the entire package of necessary documents to participate in the program. In all previous phases, parts of the final project proposal are being prepared. Here you have to "gather" all the already prepared texts, to add and clarify those parts that are not developed enough. As a result, the project proposal is being formed.
1. Verification of language and stylistic errors and possible processing
2. Check for technical errors and possible processing
3. Assembly
The project proposal includes:
 Application form
 The annexes to it required by the respective Operational Program
 Supporting documents according to the Guidelines / Guidelines for Application for the Specific Procedure.
The project proposal must contain:
 An original
  Two copies of A4 paper that are packaged in separate folders. Copies must be the same in content as the original (it is not acceptable in the copies to be missing documents from the original). Check in the Guidelines / Guidelines for Applications which documents are required on an electronic medium. It is imperative that the submitted electronic files contain identical documents such as those presented on paper.
* To ensure that you complete everything you need, fill in the administrative compliance table.
4. Completion of documents:
The project proposal - original and two copies - is placed in an envelope. The outer envelope must have an inscription with the following information:
  name of the procedure
  budget line
  the full name of the applicant
  full address of the applicant
  contact person
  address of the MA of the respective Operational Program
5. Delivery or dispatch of the package to the relevant authority
* Project proposals must be sent by courier, by post or delivered by hand to the MA's address of the respective Operational Program.
* On receipt of the project proposal, the MA of the respective Operational Program issues a document with the registration number of the respective project proposal.
* Project proposals sent in a different way (for example, by fax or e-mail) or another address will not be considered.
* Deadline for receipt of project proposals:
The specific Guidelines / Guidelines indicate the day, date and time of the deadline for submission of project proposals. Any proposal received after the deadline will not be considered


Applying European Business Financing Programs Applying European Business Financing Programs