Are you a Mtel you do not know, but if you are in Austria

Are you a Mtel you do not know, but if you are in Austria with your lack of Internet on the sea in five minutes so far you had paid a huge fine
From the sufferings of an emigrant.
I have been traveling from Austria to Bulgaria for about a month and I see that the Austrian mobile operator A1 is already operating and in Bulgaria I offer everything TV, internet, telephony, naturally at a slightly higher price than I pay for the same services in Austria, but as it says there are obviously more Bulgarians, we are richer and we agree and therefore do not make any problems for one, two euros a month in more, but then it turns out,
that I can not make the contract for less than a year if I want to use that price is okay, I have relatives I will prepay for a whole year the fees and then I will leave them all the gift when I leave for Austria but alas again I understand and start with the pains, just the moment I signed the contract and wished to use the telephony and the internet, it was okay.
Should TV technicians come to see if the satellite dish is going to signal to my device because the terrace they were putting their dish was supposed to look south and if it was all about to put the phone and the internet in here then ?!
Interesting, but the person in the A1 office does not explain this to me, but if the plate does not get a signal, what do we do? The answer was you have the right to opt-out, but you have already taken my money, signed the contract and lost my time and I'm still without a phone!
So to say I want I do not want to wait, with ten rings we finally figured out the technicians for the TV to come the next day, should in principle have to come in 3 days !!! But I was still reassuring that I was in Bulgaria and when the technicians came I was able to watch their TV on the A1 and that meant I would have a phone and the Internet - URA !!!
Yes, but this URA only lasts for a week, because as Friday came and the city on the beach was filled with tourists and the wind blew from the sea, the A1 signal disappeared, and the TV stopped and I'm calling calmly temporarily, just remember that you are in Bulgaria.
So I spent the month, I left everything to the relatives and I left, I decided to hear the relatives how these days are and whether they are happy with the present and they are telling me that in a great adventure I got them with this A1 because they did not have Internet and TV , constantly lost signal and when all the tourists appeared Friday, Saturday and Sunday the Internet even disappeared as the snow disappears when the sun is baking ...
So now I'm asking you, are you motel, what are you ?! - I do not know, but I want to tell you that if it happened in Austria so far you had paid a huge fine and some compensation to an angry subscriber, so I advise you to fix the network by sea because soon you may not have one subscriber, because people pay you and prepay for services, do not get bored with you.
And learn to do business in Europe, not as Balkans, to rob and lie people. Take a little bit of signal to keep you from crashing on the Internet and TV?


Are you a Mtel you do not know, but if you are in Austria Are you a Mtel you do not know, but if you are in Austria