Certificate of inheritance.

Сertificate of inheritance.

First of all, I must indicate my personal data in the application. Then follow the data of the deceased, for whom I will request a heir certificate (names, PIN, date of birth, nationality, place of birth, permanent address). I indicate when he died and a death certificate number. In the column below - the name of the heirs of the deceased to the sixth degree.
What does the heir certificate say?
The heirs' certificate shall include all living and deceased descendants of the deceased, designated by law. The heirs are entered with a serial number, indicating their relationship with the legator (spouse or kinship). In the event that one of the heirs died, his descendants are entered with a subset. For example, if the deceased, in connection with the death of whom I have a certificate of heirs, is my father, we will be mentioned in the heirs' certificate itself:
my brothers-sisters (if any);
my mother if she is in marriage with my father at the time of death.
In case I have a sister who has died and has left children, these children will be named with a subset because they are also heirs of the deceased. For heirs who do not have Bulgarian citizenship, the date of birth of a heir is entered only when he / she does not have an EGN.
What will it serve me for?
The certificate of inheritance will allow me to settle property issues relating to inheritance rights acquired after the death of the deceased, the inheritance of ancestral property, pension, transfer of inherited property at the time of partition, when granting title deed in circumstantial check, or the so-called notary deed. Also, when submitting a tax return for inheritance tax I have to submit within 6 months of his death.
If the deceased has left a valid will, the legitimisation as the heir is based on this testament.
Curious! In all EU countries, this document is issued by a notary or a court. In Bulgaria, the rule remains that the competent authority to issue it has been designated by the mayor of a municipal administration.
NB! I must not forget to file a declaration of outdoor heritage to the municipality (Declaration under Art. 32 of the law, which I downloaded from the National Revenue Agency in the section - "Law on local taxes and charges" as he added a copy of certificate of inheritance. in completing a special box, which will also point out the other heirs of the deceased. So automatically they will enjoy submitted my tax return and you will not have to submit such on its behalf.


Certificate of inheritance. Certificate of inheritance.