Child support for parents without marriage!

Child support for parents without marriage!
"With the father of my two children, we have no marriage and we parted a few years ago. We only have a verbal maintenance arrangement for them. We have come to the conclusion that we will not be judged. But it is very difficult for me and I get tired of not knowing when to send money and how much it will send, to look for loans and to live in stress. On the other hand, I really do not want to judge, mainly because of the psychological inconvenience of the children, but also because of the nerves, the time and the means that will waste on it. Please tell us what can be done in this situation? "
Under the law *, children are entitled to maintenance from the parent where they do not live. Whether you have an official marriage or are recognized (necessarily with a document certifying the recognition). The law only sets the minimum threshold, which is one quarter of the minimum wage. And, accordingly, this parent (in the case of their father) has the right to be in touch with them in a fair manner of personal relations.
What you can do if you do not find a way to find out is:
To meet and negotiate new conditions with the help of a neutral and experienced mediator. It will help you both together: - to make a clear and concrete new plan (agreement) for the good of your common children; - which works for both of you; - including other important points, such as general property; - and also to communicate more peacefully, respectfully and effectively in the future.
Submit an application to the court in accordance with Art. 143 of the CC. *
Combine both. At the first scheduled court hearing, the judge himself instructed you to mediate. If you settle, the court will enforce your agreement in a court order (by force of a judgment) and will terminate the case.
NB! Keep in mind that the judgment grants a right and a liability to be enforced (through an enforcement case) but it does not guarantee that the maintenance will be de facto and timely paid. Only when the will for both parents is real, this decision will be implemented in practice and without retaliation. That is why it is said that "the smallest agreement is better than any court decision." That is why mediation, when competently conducted, is an important opportunity to solve your dispute really, permanently and permanently


Child support for parents without marriage! Child support for parents without marriage!