Everything I Need to Know About Lunch Notice

Everything I Need to Know About Lunch Notice
I'm tired of working in an office. They offer me the long awaited great job of traveling around the world and trips every month to the Maldives, during which I will be lying down and drinking cocktails. What do I need to know when I leave my job?
In which cases can I leave my job?
I have the right to submit my notice of termination at my discretion at any time, that is, there is no need to have a legal basis in order to be able to terminate my employment contract or to state any reasons.
I can submit my notice both during my leave and when I am in hospital. I do not have to ask for the consent of my employer.
N.B. It is important to know that if I am still in probation and it is agreed in my favor (a rare case but still possible), I can terminate my contract without notice.
How should I give my notice?
The notice must be in writing, addressed to the manager or executive director of the company in which I work. It can be shaped like this:
"To Mr. / Mrs. ...... Here and on the grounds of Art. 326 of the LC I give notice that after the expiration of a 30-day term I terminate my employment relationship with the company you represent. Please, after the expiration date, form my workbook and give it to me ".
If I told my boss I left, but I did not do so in writing, it would not be considered as a prior notice.
How long should I do?
To know how long I can submit a notice of leaving, I need to see what my contract says. Depending on my contract, the term is different:
under an employment contract for an indefinite period, the term may be 30 days, 2 or 3 months (the notice period may not exceed 3 months);
in the case of a fixed-term contract, the notice period is 3 months but not more than the remainder of the term of the contract (ie if I decide to terminate my employment contract 2 months before it expires, then so will my notice).
The notice period starts to run from the day following its receipt, that is, if I submit it today, the term begins to run from tomorrow.
If I have disagreed and decided not to leave, I can withdraw my notice. This can be done:
before receiving it from my employer (withdraws it today);
at the same time as receiving it (withdraws it tomorrow), or
until the expiration of the term with the consent of my employer.
N.B. The fact that I have given notice of my departure does not relieve me of my obligations under the employment contract until the expiration of the notice period.
Can I use leave during my notice of leaving? What about hospital?
There is no impediment to the term of my notice to go to paid or unpaid leave or to use a hospital. The term is not extended by the respective days used, nor does it stop running.
Since when is my employment contract terminated?
Upon expiration of the notice, my relationship with the employer is also terminated.
I have the opportunity not to wait for the deadline to expire, but to leave sooner. The contract will then be terminated with the expiration of the relevant part of the term. In that case, I will owe my employer compensation in the amount of her gross remuneration for the unannounced notice period.
For example, by contract I have a 2-month notice but I want to leave after 1 month. Since I will not comply with my notice, I will have to pay my employer a gross salary.
What do I have to do after the deadline?
After expiration of my notice of termination, the employer issues an order to terminate my employment contract.
If I have not left my workbook to him, he has to give it to him to include the grounds for the termination, the time that is recognized as work experience, and the benefits paid (for example, compensation for unused paid annual leave). My employer is required to enter the information. If he refuses, then I can look for help by turning to the Labor Inspectorate, for example, and reporting.


Everything I Need to Know About Lunch Notice Everything I Need to Know About Lunch Notice