Foster families. What is it and how do I apply?

Foster families. What is it and how do I apply?
Foster family. What is it?
Host family are two spouses or a single person, where a child is housed for rearing in a family environment. The rights and obligations of foster parents are determined by contract. The foster family may be voluntary or professional. The professional has an additional qualification for childcare and concludes a contract with a foster care service provider. Professional foster families offer more services and receive a salary for the care they provide. Voluntary foster parents receive monthly support and one-time benefits, which can also be in kind.
As a foster parent, I am not really the parent of the child. His parents are considered to be those mentioned in his birth certificate.
How can I become a foster parent / family?
Before taking any first steps, it is important first to consult a family law specialist. So I will have the whole picture before me - all the possibilities. It's not expensive and I can do this quickly and easily on this page.
I have to turn to a provider of the foster care social service. This may be:
Social Assistance Directorate";
the municipality;
a licensed social service provider for children - I can see if there is a provider in my neighborhood by checking the social service providers' website, writing "foster care" in the "social service" field.
Documents I have to submit:
Application to the above mentioned institutions under their current address. The application shall be accompanied by:
a copy of an identity document (eg ID card);
a document from the Unified System of Civil Registration and Administrative Service of the Population (ESGRAON) that I am not placed under guardianship and I am not with custodial or restricted parental rights;
a declaration that there are no obstacles to being a foster parent described below;
a medical certificate that I do not suffer from certain diseases such as AIDS, cholera, etc .;
criminal record certificate;
a document certifying that no criminal proceedings have been instituted against me for a deliberate crime of a general nature - this document is issued by the Prosecutor's Office.
Important! I have to mention two guarantors in my application to make individual recommendations for me as a foster parent. Consequently, when assessing my fitness to be a foster parent, they will have to make written recommendations and be interviewed.
If necessary, the foster care service provider may require other documents as well as information from relevant government authorities about the application documents.


Foster families. What is it and how do I apply? Foster families. What is it and how do I apply?