How do I change my PIN?

How do I change my PIN?
I know my PIN has ten digits. Apart from the first six who identify when I came to this world, I have no idea what others are serving. But I was born a little girl and I look at the birth certificate - a discrepancy between the actual date of birth and the PIN. Oops - how do we fix it?
What does PIN actually mean?
PIN (also known as a single citizen number) is a unique personal identifier that serves for my unique identification and differentiation from any other Bulgarian citizen. or a foreigner who has been granted a long-term or permanent residence permit or who has been granted refugee status, a humanitarian status or who has been granted asylum - they also have an EGN.
How is it formed?
Every digit of my PIN is of importance and is formed by a certain algorithm. For the born from 1 January 1900 to 31 December 1999, the first six digits indicate the date of birth, for example if I was born on 17 April 1996, the first six digits will be: 96 (year) 04 (month April) 17 (date) . The seventh, eighth and ninth digits represent a unique combination of figures for the day - a number from 000 to 999, the ninth is always readable for a man and odd to a woman. The tenth digit is a control, and it is calculated by a particular algorithm that even if I do not know, I will still sleep calmly. My kid, however, was born after 2000 and there is another situation - the number of the month is 40. So the first 6 digits of my child's IDN are 01 (2001 shows), 41 (January as its 1 st position sums 40 or more simply 40 + 1), 26 (date).
The aggregate of all unified civil numbers is maintained in a special electronic register maintained by the General Directorate of Civil Registration and Administrative Services.
When do I need to change my PIN?
Changing my PIN may be necessary in the following cases:
a discrepancy between the date of birth recorded in the birth certificate and the date contained in the EGN;
gender discrepancy recorded in the act of birth, and gender contained in an EGN - for example, my boy instead of the last even number in his EGN - has odd, which indicates the wrong sex.
NB! In the case of full adoption, I also receive a new PIN. If, for any reason, however, the adoption ceases, I retain this new IDN, and I do not have to bother with the administration, fortunately.
And what is the procedure?
The changeover procedure may begin when the inconsistencies are detected by an official in the area or administrative center of the municipality in which the act of birth is kept - the mayor can detect the error and initiate the change. The procedure begins by preparing a file containing the "PIN request" in duplicate and a copy of the birth certificate to the person for whom change is sought. If my act is drawn abroad, a copy of the certified translation of the act shall be attached.
However, if the change in my PIN is made due to gender or birth defects in the act of birth itself, the procedure is different. First, I want a change in court. Based on the judgment, I file an application in the municipality for a change. This change is reflected by the civil status official in the birth certificate. Only then does the copy of the new act take place.
Once the judgment is a fact, the actual change must be done by going to the municipality. A sample of the application for a change of an EGN can be found either on the site of my municipality, and if it is missing - I better go to the site. Documents that the municipality may require are my personal card, birth certificate or a certified copy thereof.
It is important to know! The service is free and it should not take more than two weeks for my PIN to be changed.
What if I am not a Bulgarian citizen?
However, if:


How do I change my PIN? How do I change my PIN?