Marrying a foreigner!

Marrying a foreigner
Besides we must meet these conditions, I and my partner, we must certify that there are no barriers to the conclusion of our marriage. If we marry in Bulgaria, my husband must certify to the civil status official in Bulgaria that:
his fatherly law recognizes our marriage.
under his patriotic law there are no obstacles to the marriage.
Important! If his or her father's right establishes an obstacle to a marriage which, under Bulgarian law, is incompatible with the freedom to marry, consent of the parents after payment of a certain amount, this obstacle is not respected and we can get married legally in Bulgaria.
For my part, as a Bulgarian citizen, to make a valid marriage:
I must not be connected with another marriage.
I do not have to be placed or have any reason to be put under full guardianship.
To suffer from a disease that poses a threat to my spouse or our generation, and my partner does not know that.
Documents for marrying a foreigner
There is no obstacle for me and my beloved person to marry a civilian marriage either on his or my fatherly right. Wearing the wings of love, we are going to the civil status official. What documents should we present?
a document from the state of which my partner is a citizen who certifies that there are no legal obstacles for him / her to get married and that this marriage will be recognized there;
a divorce or a death certificate if one of us has been involved in a previous marriage;
a medical certificate stating that there are no illnesses which constitute an impediment to marriage issued in Bulgaria and certified by a health institution valid for 30 days from the date of issue.


Marrying a foreigner! Marrying a foreigner!