Re-registration of NGOs (NGOs). How do I re-register my association or foundation?


Re-registration of NGOs (NGOs). How do I re-register my association or foundation?
re - registration of how to re - register your association or foundation
I am a manager of a non-governmental organization, an association or a foundation. The organization was previously registered at the local district court. Now I understand that there has been a change in the law according to which each NGO has to re-register. What does this mean and how does it happen?
Which non-governmental organizations are subject to re-registration?
Any NGO registered before 01.01.2018 must be re-registered. It does not matter whether the registration was 10 years ago or was made in December 2017.
Non-governmental organizations are associations and foundations. The amendment to the law only concerns them. Businesses, collecting societies, cooperatives and other entities other than associations or foundations can not be re-registered.
What is the re-registration process of NGOs?
By the end of 2017 each NGO had to register with the District Court and the BULSTAT Registry. Organizations operating in public benefit also registered in a special register of the Ministry of Justice. From 01.01.2018 the associations and foundations are already registered in the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency. It is now known as the Trade Register and the Register of Non-Profit Legal Entities.
If I want to register NGOs now, I will not go through the court, but I will file documents in the new register. It is important, however, for all organizations to be registered in one place. Therefore, the information about my organization that was previously registered should be transferred to the new location.
What do I need to do to re-register my NGO?
I have to file a standard application with the Registry Agency. There are different models for foundations and for associations. I can submit the application on paper or online with an electronic signature. The application may also be filed by a lawyer with a power of attorney.
The application must be accompanied by a copy of the constituent act or the statutes of the organization. These documents must be certified by me as a representative of the relevant NGO. Validation in this case means, on each page, to type in a chemical "True to the original" and sign it. I need to sign another document - a declaration of the truth of the stated circumstances. It is also a model and a standard document of the Registry Agency.
I do not need to visit a notary or pay any fee. Upon filing the application, an employee of the Registry Agency will request the district court to send a certificate of good standing. "Service" means that I do not have to do anything, and the institutions will understand each other.
When should I do the re-registration?
I can re-register at any time. The deadline is 31.12.2020, but there is no point in waiting until the last minute. No fees are currently foreseen for the procedure and it is as easy as my representative as an NGO.
What happens after re-registration?
After re-registration, my NGO will no longer be registered in the BULSTAT register. The 9-digit BULSTAT code used for identification will be retained but will already be UIC. This is an identification code from the new non-profit legal entity register.
That's it. The procedure is not complicated and even something goes wrong, I get a motivated refusal from the Registry Agency. It will tell you exactly what I'm wrong with and I will know how to fix it.


Re-registration of NGOs (NGOs). How do I re-register my association or foundation? Re-registration of NGOs (NGOs). How do I re-register my association or foundation?