Administrative law

                                                                                     Varna lawyer Julia Danova

It is an independent legal sector. It regulates procedures for implementation of executive and administrative activity and for dealing with complaints and protests against legal acts in which it is expressed.
Administrative law governs the different types of administrative proceedings:
   proceedings of administrative violations;
   proceedings for imposition of administrative penalties;
   proceedings to legal challenge punitive decrees;
   cassation appeal of court decisions in administrative cases;
   resumption of administrative proceedings;
   procedure for issuing individual administrative acts;
   contestation of the individual administrative acts by administrative order;
   contestation of the individual administrative acts before the court of the Administrative Procedure Act / APA /;
   proceedings in the Supreme Administrative Court / LSAC /;
   resumption of administrative proceedings under the APA;
   proceedings proposals, complaints and requests under the proposals, complaints and requests / ZSPZHM /;
   proceedings for the execution of criminal postanolvleniya and decisions of the courts of LAOS and proceedings for the execution of the administrative acts and decisions of the courts under the APA.

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