Registration of joint-stock company / AD /

AD is a commercial company and therefore is a merchant - a legal entity. Each trader AD must be entered in the Commercial Register (to occur), there should be firm to which must be added the abbreviation "limited liability company" or the abbreviation "SA" (chl.158, paragraph 2 of the Commercial Code) must has a seat. Each legal entity, AD liable to its creditors and with the size of their property (the second sentence of Art. 158, Paragraph 1 of the Commercial Code). AD is a corporate - its members are shareholders who are not in relationship with each other in membership relations with itself AD. Shareholders can be both natural and legal persons (domestic or foreign); shareholders may be state and municipalities. AD is a trader in its legal form - it is involved in trade as a trading company. AD is a type of capital company - required formed capital, the minimum value is set by law. The increased cost of capital offset elimination of the personal responsibility of the participants in the company. For obligations capital company is only responsible for its property, which should be worth at least equal to the capital. Each shareholder has a share capital that entitles him aloud in the general assembly, the right part of the profit and right to a liquidation share. Shareholders are not liable for the obligations of the company and are responsible only to the Company to the extent of the backlog of their contribution. - Established by statute; - Its capital is divided into equal parts called shares; - Participants must subscribe shares against contributions; - Shareholders do not require personal involvement in the company (therefore the AD is the most prominent representative of capital companies). AD implies the collection and accumulation of huge capital. AD is a form of investment of funds from shareholders. Shareholders are not involved in managing the affairs of the company they are investing its money and receive dividends. Not be personally and directly responsible for the company's debts. The risk of shareholders is limited to the purchased shares in unsuccessful business of the company at risk of losing, or they risk to devalue. Another advantage is the free transfer of shares - does not require authorization or consent of the governing body of AD.  


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