Registration of a limited liability company / Ltd. / in Varna and Varna


The limited liability company (LLC) is a type of capital company that may be formed by one or more persons responsible for the obligations of a company with share contribution to the capital of the company (Art. 113 of the Commercial Code). Commercial Code defines a commercial company as a union of two or more persons to carry out commercial transactions with common resources (Art. 63, para. 1 of the Commercial Code). Exceptionally company may be established by one person - art. 63, para. 2 of the Commercial Code. Ltd. combines personal commitment in partnerships with the limitation of risk capital companies. By Ltd. can carry out any activity that is not prohibited by regulation (there is a limit for banking, insurance and so on activity), of course subject to the authorization of the exercise of certain activities. Ltd. is a trader on their legal form, but not professionally. Its main feature is that it is a capital company whose capital is divided into shares. Ltd. is the preferred legal form, mainly due to: the way of reducing the risk of the shareholders to the extent of their share payments, (a amount of capital is symbolic - 2 lev and the registration must be paid in full), exit or exclusion of a partner does not lead to termination and can only be created by one person. The founders may be both natural and legal persons. Individuals must be legally capable (i. E. Be aged 18 years and are not under guardianship) - Art. 65, para. 1 of the Commercial Code. When as a founder of LTD (LTD) participates legal person, as a partner or sole proprietor shall be exercised by the person entitled to represent him, or by explicitly authorized person (art. 65, para. 3 of the Commercial Code). CA allows partners to begin commercial activity before the entry of the company in the Commercial Register. In this case the actions of the founders carried out on behalf of incorporation company until the day of entry, create rights and obligations for the persons who committed them. Mandatory for performance of transactions indicates that the company is being formed. Persons in transactions jointly liable for commitments. When the transaction is carried out by the founders or by an authorized person, the rights and obligations are transferred over the company incurred (Art. 69 of the Commercial Code). Succession takes place by operation of law. The founders are jointly liable to third parties and to the company for the damages they caused in its creation (art. 69, para. 1 and Art. 118, para. 1 of the Commercial Code).


Lawyer for the registration of a limited liability company / Ltd. / in Varna and Varna Lawyer for the registration of a limited liability company / Ltd. / in Varna and Varna. Lawyer Julia Danova prepare all necessary incorporation documents (protocols, declarations, contracts management, specimen signatures) instruction documents to be submitted by the Bank for imported capital and others., Filling in applications - samples reservation name services and others. and registration of the company in the Commercial Register