Over 50% higher tax on old cars

Over 50% higher tax on old cars 03 September 2018

See how to consider the car tax on the new rules
More than 50% higher will be the tax next year for cars over 20 years old. This shows the 24-hour calculations made under the new tax scheme proposed by the finance ministry.
It was published for public discussion last week.
The text introduces for the first time an ecopoint in car charges.
Once the tax is calculated based on the vehicle's power, the amount is multiplied by the age coefficient of the car that so far existed, but with different values. Then it is multiplied by an ecopoint (see graph). However, the current discount on the presence of a catalyst has disappeared. This has been discussed for a long time, as many frauds have been made through it.
For cars over 20, the addition of both components raises the tax considerably. For example, a 100 horsepower car is now paid at least 110 leva. With the new tax, the amount can also reach 170 leva.
However, there will be a reduction for cars between 10 and 15 years old. For example, for a more powerful car with a 235-horsepower engine driven in Sofia, the tax is now 404 leva. Next year it will fall to 360 leva due to the changed ladder of taxation.
The owner of a 110 hp car produced in 2009 and a Euro 5 category will pay a tax of 450 leva if municipal councils in Sofia choose the lowest possible values ​​for both indicators. This is BGN 60 less than the current BGN 510 that is due for such a car in the capital at the moment.
The most powerful vehicles - those with engines with more than 328 horsepower - will pay much more. It is proposed that they be taxed from 2.10 to 6.30 BGN per horsepower. Such high values ​​are introduced for the first time in the law. The less polluting the car, the greater the tax deduction, the other changes are expected. However, this option is valid for "Euro 4" eco-cars, ie those manufactured after 2006. For such a car the tax may fall by 20%
For vehicles with the latest eco-standard - Euro 6, the levy can be reduced by up to 60%.
The introduction of an environmental tax component actually compensates for some of the current practice where new car owners paid far more, even though their vehicles pollute the least. This is because of the multiplication factor calculated by power. For cars up to 5 years old, he is the highest.

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Over 50% higher tax on old cars Over 50% higher tax on old cars