A criminal record may be dropped

The criminal record will be dropped and anyone who needs a reference to whether someone has been convicted will do it electronically. An intention for such a change in the near future was announced by Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev.
"A criminal record may be dropped after several weeks if no further regulatory changes are needed," he said after a working meeting with local government officials, state institutions and industry organizations on measures to reduce administrative burdens.
"I would very much ask for the criminal record to be dropped as such, and it could be checked with everyone in the open register, but taxi will be lost, but 26 million man-hours will be lost for a certificate in the state. The fees that the municipalities and the state receive, against the backdrop of the enormous loss of business or the nerves of the citizens, I think we will be able to take them as a budget, "Prime Minister Boyko Borisov said.
However, it was not clear to whom they would be given access to the criminal record. The most common criminal record is required when entering a job, as well as obtaining certain licenses - for possession of arms, for trading in securities. It is also necessary when registering to practice certain professions, such as a lawyer, a doctor and an architect.
It states that the person has been convicted of crimes committed and, when the law so requires, include those for whom he has been rehabilitated.
The fee for the issuance of a criminal record is BGN 5.
"There is consensual resistance, it turns out that there are regimes that can be dropped but not dropped because the administration loses power, and when you issue a document, you are strong." "Tax revenues are very important for administrations." When you have access via electronic The road must be redundant, which is one of the reasons for the quiet consensual resistance, "said Deputy Prime Minister Donchev.

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A criminal record may be dropped A criminal record may be dropped