Are Czetzka, Tsatsarov and Lausan coming to the CC?

The term of office of Rumen Nenkov and Stefka Stoeva (from the quota of the judiciary), Kety Markova (from the quota of the president) and Tsanka Tsankova (from the parliamentary quota) ended on November 12. The president, the supreme judges and the parliament have 3 months to decide who to send to the CC. Perhaps the chasers who will be the next judges will continue until the last minute.
Months before the start of the procedure it was said that one of the elected would be Justice Minister Tsetska Tsacheva. According to the source, she has agreed to take up the hot justice portfolio against the promise of joining the CC.
The most serious overtones on the subject go to the Court of Justice. A very likely constitutional judge is Chief Prosecutor Sotir Tsatsarov. To dress the constitutional toga, however, Tsatsarov will have to terminate his mandate in the prosecution prematurely. So did his predecessor Boris Velchev. The Constitutional Judge is also launched and Lozan Panov, chairman of the Supreme Court of Cassation (SCC), and Tsatsarov to take his place, will be launched. Thus, the government will guarantee peace, as Panov often provokes them with actions and criticism against the status quo. The mandate of Panov is not yet in February 2022. It is said in the Court of Justice that he would become a constitutional judge only if Tsatsarov joined the CC, there is no danger of leading the HCV.
Former Chairman of the Supreme Administrative Court Georgi Kolev himself does not hide his ambition to become a constitutional judge. But his desire is unlikely to come true. Although he would not have been the first to graduate in law at the Simeonovo School. For six years now, such is former GERB MP Anastas Anastasov, who before the CC had only experience as a district judge.
Zdravka Kalaidjieva, who was a judge in Strasbourg, is also on the list of potential CC contenders. While in the human rights court, she often turned down her case as well, and Pavlina Panova, deputy chairman of the Supreme Court of Cassation, was ad hoc judge. Panova is another possible choice for a next constitutional judge.
The name of the former legal blade of BSP Yanaki Stoilov is also in line.

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Are Czetzka, Tsatsarov and Lausan coming to the CC? Are Czetzka, Tsatsarov and Lausan coming to the CC?