Bulgaria lacks Trade Register!

Bulgaria lacks Trade Register unclear until the time The unprofitable system blocks trade turnover and opens doors for fraud
10 Aug 2018
The business register will not work today
On the fifth day, the Commercial Register (TP) of the Registry Agency is inaccessible and the listing of changes in commercial companies and non-profit legal entities is impossible. From the explanations of the agency under the Ministry of Justice, it is unclear when and whether the registry will ever be restored and will work again. On Sunday evening, they reported that Justice Minister Tsetska Tsacheva had appealed to the Prosecutor's Office, the Interior Ministry and SANS. The initial statement on Friday was that it was a technical problem that the agency's IT support staff and IT specialists would be eliminated within eight hours. On Monday, the ministry said they would not give statements on the subject while the check was in progress.
"An emergency action plan is being implemented to restore the full functionality of the registry, and teams of all support companies, IT experts from the Registry Agency and other government agencies are immediately engaged and working around the clock," said the report of the agency on Sunday night.
Capital of the IT industry commented that the damage was extremely serious and there was a real risk of losing all the information in the TP since the beginning of the year. In addition to blocking trade, the lack of a trade register opens doors for fraud.
The inability of the state to maintain the register is a violation of EU law as Bulgaria is obliged to maintain an electronic database for the capital companies, including the obligation to submit documents and information electronically on request.
This is another problem with the register since the beginning of the year. In the spring, mainly due to ill-considered legislative change, the record of changes in companies began to be delayed by more than 30 days.
Director of the Registry Agency is related to Delyan Peevski Zornitsa Daskalova. Previously, she was a member of the CPC. So far neither Daskalova nor Tsetska Tsacheva have publicly discussed the situation.

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Bulgaria lacks Trade Register! Bulgaria lacks Trade Register!