Case for malpractice hang seven years

Process for malpractice, which led to the death of a man in 2008, crosses the departments of 2009

Accused of causing death by negligence are two doctors from the Military Medical Academy. According to the indictment, despite the condition of 67-year-old patient and the results of his research two days they did not hospitalized during his visit to the emergency room. So he got septicemia and died.
In July 2011 the two doctors are justified by the Sofia Military Court. Rejected claims are the three heirs of the deceased for 100,000 Levs compensation. Military Appellate Court upheld the verdict. But the judges disagreed and referred the case back for a new look of Appeal. And they return it to the county level.
In Sofia Military Court no one to hear the case because all the judges make their disqualification. The Supreme Court decided the process to be viewed by the Military Court in Plovdiv. In May 2015 two military doctors are justified by the Plovdiv judges. Military Appellate Court upheld their act and the Case again reaches the Supreme Court. At the end of June this year senior magistrates again revoked the acquittal and return of the appellate process.
In order to assess whether the two defendants are guilty, it must determine whether they did everything stems from good medical practice, wrote supreme magistrates. According to them have not been clarified a number of important issues, for example, should the defendants to appoint additional research, what was the general health of the patient, could have been his placement in MMA, in what room and with what diagnosis, adequate treatment would you prevent the fatal outcome, etc.
After the Military Court of Appeals ruled for the third time in the case, it will still reach the higher magistrates. By law, when the case comes for the third time to the Supreme Court, he has no right to return it again and have to decide on the merits.

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Case for malpractice hang seven years Case for malpractice hang seven years