Changes occur in the use of state property and farmland

Introduced an outright ban that related parties can no longer be independent candidates or participants in the same tender in rental properties or parts of properties - state property.

When the tax value of the portion of the state is more than 10 000 lev, termination of ownership will be made by the governor with the consent of the Executive Director of the Agency for Privatization. It is also envisaged that municipalities have no right to sell, replace, donate, paid as contribution in kind capital of the companies acquired properties or to establish a right to build or right to use them, except in cases related to the implementation of projects needed for meeting public needs of local importance. In non-realization of the planned activities within five years of acquisition of the property municipalities are obliged to transfer ownership of the state. Free right to use the property - private state property may be established for a period not exceeding 10 years by order of the governor in favor of municipalities to perform their functions or for meeting public needs of local importance, and the benefit of others, taking into account the legislation and rules on state aid after the Council of Ministers on a proposal of the Minister of regional development and public Works. Users can not use the property for economic activities. These are some of the provisions in the new Amendments to the Law on State Property. While planned reforms and opportunities for the use of arrays of pastures and meadows. This will be done by agreement between the owners or users of holdings registered in the Food Safety Agency, which fulfill the relevant conditions set out in the Amendment of the OUFLA. Changes in the area of ​​agricultural land for the most part come into force from the day of promulgation.

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Changes occur in the use of state property and farmland Changes occur in the use of state property and farmland