Disbarred lawyer defended the doctor to fake diploma

Dr. Ivan Vutsov of Stara Zagora, who is on trial in three cases because of their false diploma in cardiology, was defended by a lawyer disbarred.

 Metropolitan lawyer Ivan Milanov Lazov defended Vutsov in court on July 8 when he was stopped by rights, BNR announced.
Check the archives of the Sofia Bar Council revealed that at its meeting on 17th May this year the Board deprived lawyer Lazov of his right to practice the profession for a period of three months. The decision relates to the punishment imposed by the Supreme Disciplinary Court case from 2016. The reasoning is that two meetings of the District Court in Stara Zagora, lawyer Lazov behaved arrogantly in the courtroom to present witnesses and extraneous used its position jargon.
Dr. Ivan Vutsov trial at the Sofia District Court for the documentary crime since September last year The accusation is that of March 29, 2015 in Rector of the Medical University in Sofia, subject to inadequate izvarshitelstvo by his sister, knowingly benefited from a false official document - a certificate of specialist in cardiology.
Two months ago the District Court in Stara Zagora and launched another lawsuit against the doctor, in which he is accused of using fake diploma. The trial began despite the request of the defense it be terminated because there was an identical process and the Sofia District Court (RCC).
In the District Court in Stara Zagora was introduced and a new indictment, according to which 55-year-old Vutsov will be tried for practicing a profession without a license, for which the Criminal Code provides for up to three years in prison.

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Disbarred lawyer defended the doctor to fake diploma Disbarred lawyer defended the doctor to fake diploma