International organizations have condemned the arbitrariness judges over the judiciary in Turkey

International Association of Judges / MAC / - IAJ (International Assotiation of Judges), including 84 judges' organizations from all continents, part of which is the European Association of Judges - / EAC / - EAJ, with 44 organizations expressed a special opinion profound concern security of the removed judges and their families in Turkey, writes "Dnevnik".
"MAC / EAC seriously fear that the attempted coup, which was a military, not a judicial one, now used to be finished already undertaken remedial actions of judges and prosecutors who do not meet expectations of the government, and they be replaced with loyal supporters, "it said in the opinion of the international organization.
International Association of Judges confirms that political differences should be resolved in a democratic manner and that the military coup is not acceptable means of changing the legitimate government and those responsible must bear their responsibilities in a fair and impartial process, but asks
Where is the evidence for the involvement of judges in the attempted coup?
"The international media inform the world community that approximately 3000 judges have been removed in the immediately following the attempted coup day. No evidence was not announced that even one of these judges somehow was involved in the attempted coup," said the the position of the MAC-EAC.
The opinion points out universal standards adopted in law: that the removal of a judge, it constitutes an encroachment on the constitutionally guaranteed independence can be provided only in cases of particularly strong presumption of serious misconduct.
There are serious and objective doubts that such offenses are committed by such a large number of judges, says the International Association of Judges.
MAC / EAC recall that recently the government in Turkey by the Supreme Judicial Council exercised considerable pressure on judges. Disciplinary proceedings and removals were undertaken by the Council in relation to the judges after their decision, which did not comply with the expectations of the government.
International Association of Judges is committed to monitor the situation in the judicial system of Turkey and calls on all international institutions also "adamant to do so."
European judges are calling for the immediate release of detained judges and prosecutors
The immediate release of detained judges and prosecutors in Turkey urges hours of information to the media yet another international organization - MEDEL (Magistrats europeens pour la democratie et les libertes) - "Magistrates for Democracy and Freedom" based in Paris.
After being informed that thousands of judges in Turkey were detained and dismissed the organization stands behind judges and prosecutors related YARSAV (Association of Turkish judges and prosecutors), a member of MEDEL, committed to the values ​​of the independence of the judiciary and rule of law. Stands behind all Turkish judges and prosecutors pursued "for fulfilling their obligations to carry out independent monitoring in a democratic society."
"As far as copper does not have enough data to comment on the attempted coup in Turkey, it is difficult to understand how and why judges and prosecutors performing daily its obligations related to justice may be involved in these facts and be detained for freedom their decision-making and expression, "the statement said magistrates.
Along with the call for the immediate release of detained judges and prosecutors, MEDEL calls for an independent evaluation of the judiciary in Turkey, including just and genuinely international observers.

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International organizations have condemned the arbitrariness judges over the judiciary in Turkey International organizations have condemned the arbitrariness judges over the judiciary in Turkey