It needs changes to the Penal Code for punishment of phone scammers

Last year 129 were convicted fraudsters, but only five are justified, but the sentences are mostly contingent

It needs changes to the Penal Code for punishment of telephone scammers.
 Research for phone scams
In the Criminal Code (CC) must be entered texts qualified for telephone scams to take into account the real social danger of the crime and to allow for the imposition of appropriate penalties for perpetrators.
Such a proposal made prosecutors in the investigation of phone fraud, which was prepared with the help of 12 students from National and World Economy.
The proposal for changes in the texts of fraud in the Criminal Code in which prosecutors find it appropriate to introduce qualified text telephone fraud, and the text for organized crime groups to add one designed to do this type of crime. Suggestions have for changes in the Electronic Communications Act (ECA) in which to introduce a limit on the number of prepaid cards that can hold one person.
"This is a very restrictive measure, but it comes in response to the absurdity of the existing situation - anonymity remains virtually the same scale as before the registration of the buyers of these cards," the study said. Another proposed change in the WEU is to be extended 6-month period in which operators are required to maintain traffic data.
Identification and practices in the regions of Lovech and Pazardzhik, where courts do not respect the requests for access to traffic data if you can not identify the person to whom required. According to investigators, however, this condition is impossible when the requested information be relied on to establish the identity of telephone scammers.
Problem facing investigation creates the profile of the victims - mostly pensioners and mainly women who filed later alert the police, and are often unable to identify the perpetrators. The complaint also stated that victims get sick and even die before ending the criminal case.
Statistics show an increasing trend of telephone fraud during last year recorded 918 cases, and were discovered only 85. Impressed that in 2015 the telephone scams have increased sharply in Sofia, where 143 cases were registered, the other at -zasegnati cities are Varna, Ruse, Stara Zagora and Bourgas.
In the past year were brought before court 123 cases of telephone fraud as defendants are 155 people. The trend in the last 5 years acquittals are rare. In 2015, there were five justified, while in the previous two years are justified only two.
Sentenced last year you have 129, but nearly 70% of cases the courts have imposed suspended sentences. The next most frequently imposed sanction is effective in prison, but in 2015 registered the lowest percentage of those sentences. When still telephone scammers go to jail, it is often up to 3 years, the study explicitly states that no one conviction for more than five years in prison.
Difficulties in detecting and proving fraud were noted in the data terminated and suspended proceedings. Last year, 111 cases were terminated and suspended - 1354, as they trend of increase is sustained.

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It needs changes to the Penal Code for punishment of phone scammers It needs changes to the Penal Code for punishment of phone scammers