Over 54 are already killed by forest fires around Athens

Over 54 are already killed by forest fires around Athens
The number of those killed in fires in the vicinity of the Greek capital Athens is increasing. The victims of the elements became 54 after the opening of another 26 bodies in a villa in the resort town of Matti, BNR reported.
Among the dead, there are children, the wounded are over 160, including 16 children, thousands evacuated. Hospitals are working on an extraordinary regime. The condition of some of the victims is critical.
Most dead have fallen into a fire trap near the resort town of Matti, 40 km northeast of Athens, in their homes or in their cars.
Through-night, rescue teams and firefighters helped people from burning homes and cars. Women with children who have tried to save themselves from the fiery element and have entered the sea have been found drowned. The rescue operation at sea continues. Frigates and Coast Guard boats search for people at sea. There are also divers.
The situation with forest fires around Athens is out of control. This was announced by Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to journalists at a briefing after a crisis headquarters meeting due to the disaster:
"The situation in Attica is extremely difficult, it is an asymmetrical phenomenon, a difficult time for Attica, a difficult night and for the whole of Greece, more than 600 Fire Brigade men and women fight fires, more than 400 It is active on three large fronts, one in the Kalamos area, under partial control, the other two are unfortunately not controlled, but fortunately the strong winds have come to a halt. Our efforts are focused on these two
The rescue action also includes European forces on water and drought following a request from Athens. There are still hot outbreaks of fires. There is a disastrous situation in the eastern and western parts of Attiki area near Athens.
Residents of the tourist village of Matti, which burns completely, tells the story: "Fortunately, the sea was there and we entered it because the flames pursued us all the way to the water, burned our backs and we threw it into the water, which reminded me of the eruption of the Vesuvius volcano in Pompey in 79. I told myself, my God, we must run to save ourselves, it was terrible. "

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Over 54 are already killed by forest fires around Athens Over 54 are already killed by forest fires around Athens