project !!! Law equality of women and men

H And K ONA  equality of women and men
T M A and B, and
the draft Law on Equality between Women and Men
The bill aims to ensure equal treatment of
women and men through legislative regulation of organs and
mechanisms for the implementation of a uniform state policy
this area of ​​public relations.
The bill was drafted in implementation of national
programming documents and commitments of the Republic of Bulgaria
international treaties:
- Implementation of the measure "Adoption of Law on equality
equality and institutionalization of the national mechanism
equality of women and men "in order 32:
"Promoting equality between women and men and
discrimination "of the government stable
Development of the Republic of Bulgaria for the period 2014-2018 g .;
- Implementation of the measures of the Action Plan
implement the final recommendations of the UN Committee on
Elimination of Discrimination against Women (Decision
№ 438 of the Council of Ministers in 2013) addressed to
Republic of Bulgaria in 2012, in particular measures
recommendations in the areas of "Legal framework for equality", "National
mechanism to achieve the advancement of women "and" Temporary
Special measures ";
- Implementation of the commitments of the Republic of Bulgaria
international treaties in the field of human rights,
which Bulgaria is a party, and recommendations to the Republic
Bulgaria implementation of the relevant monitoring bodies -
International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights,
UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of
Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), Beijing
Platform for Action of 1995. In 2016 the Republic
Bulgaria shall submit to the UN its latest periodic report
implementing the provisions of CEDAW, which take into account
implementation of recommendations, including: the adoption of a law
strengthen national institutional mechanism
gender equality and the temporary
special measures;
- Implementation of commitments stemming from membership
the Republic of Bulgaria in the European Union relating to the
integrating the principle of gender equality in
all policies and harmonization of national
legislation and practices.
mb / IA 502-01-94.RTF
The bill would create legal preconditions for
effective management of policies that contribute to
gradual achievement.
Current law tries to answer
the need to ensure gender
men, which has been achieved formally, but not substantially
(real). Achieve de facto equality of women
and men in all areas requires effective mechanism
management of unified state policy that consistently
held principle of equality by combining
integrated approach and specific measures. Institutional
mechanism is strong and sustainable tool for development,
implementation and monitoring of relevant policies to
ensure that the issue of gender equality
retains a leading position in the political and public agenda
The bill addresses the need to more fully
regulation in the field of equality between women and men
through legislative regulation of the national mechanism
implementation of a uniform state policy in this area.
Currently absent a comprehensive legal regulation
national institutional mechanism. The bill will
fill this gap in the Bulgarian law.
State policy on gender
men has a horizontal, cross-cutting nature. Conducting
such a policy requires effective national
institutional mechanism that operates on different
levels of governance by integrating (mainstreaming) of these
concerns into all policies and applying temporary
incentives if necessary. At present these
requirements are implemented through a separate operation
elements of the institutional mechanism regulated
Rules for the structure and organization of work
National Council on Equality between Women and Men
Council of Ministers, adopted by Decree № 313 of 2004
The Council of Ministers.
The establishment of effective national institutional
a mechanism is needed to optimize the model
distribution of management responsibilities between the
Authorities, clear commitments and better management
the implementation of policies and resources. So
policy will be placed on a systematic, broad,
sectoral basis with horizontal impact.
The bill is a framework character. It regulates
bodies, the principles on which it is founded
policy on equality between women and men outlines
powers and their interaction on policy
mb / IA 502-01-94.RTF
on gender equality and defines the main
approaches such as integrated cross-sectoral approach and temporary
Council of Ministers determines state policy and
approve the main documents in this area. National Council
equality of women and men of Ministers
Council continues to function as an advisory and
coordinating body. Minister of Labour and Social Policy
body that manages, coordinates and controls the implementation
policy at national level.
Institutionalize the figure of "Coordinator
equality of women and men ", who is an employee in
central and local bodies of executive power, and
define its functions. The determination of the authorities, their
functions and mechanisms of interaction strengthens national
institutional mechanism and enhances the performance of operative
level of state policy on gender
They regulate the basic documents of the state
policy on equality between women and men - National
strategy, action plans, periodic reports
Reporting. With a view to providing information on politics
It offers public authorities obligation to register and
process data by gender, and the creation of system
monitoring the equality of women and men.
Effective implementation of the policy on gender
women and men is promoted through the creation of the Minister of
Labour and Social Policy of the distinctive sign of significant
The proposed bill would lead to legal
regulation of comprehensive national institutional
mechanism on gender equality and its
functioning of the different levels of government to effectively
implementation of a uniform horizontal and integrated state
Policy in this area with a view to accelerating achievement of
de facto gender equality, to ensure more
full compliance of national legislation and practices
with the requirements of the European Union and international agreements
which Bulgaria is a party. This creates conditions for
accelerate the achievement of de facto equality
women and men in all areas of economic,
political and public life.
The bill will not lead to direct and / or indirect
impact on the state budget.
mb / IA 502-01-94.RTF
(Boiko Borisov)

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project !!! Law equality of women and men project !!! Law equality of women and men