Tsatsarov ordered a total review of the management of Tsenko Chokovi

                                                 Prosecutors and police officers enter the mayoralty in. Galiche

Prosecutors and police enter the mayoralty in. Galiche to carry out a total review of the operation of the eternal ruler in the village Tsenko Chokovi, by order of the Prosecutor General Sotir Tsatsarov.
Check the legality of the activity at the city hall is assigned to the Regional Prosecutor's Office in Vratsa and is more than five years ago - started this fall term Chokovi and previous.
Tsatsarov ordered in establishing evidence of an indictable offense "be immediately assessed the conditions for pre-trial proceedings."
Of Public Prosecutions announced that it will be in 7 directions. The first is the legality of the certification actions Chokovi can perform as mayor. He may certify proxies veracity of transcripts and records and signatures on private documents. For all these fees should be included in the municipal budget. "In performing this activity requires an archive that includes a common register for notarization, a book in which are arranged documents certified content, printing and stamps a pattern. For notary certifications from local authorities collect fee determined by the rate for notary fees, which must be submitted to the municipal budget. It will be verified the existence of documentation verifications by comparing it to the collection and submission of funds in the municipal budget, "explaining the prosecution.
Prosecutors will examine how Chokovi is the operation of municipal property - whether it is acting in the interest of the population, according to the law and with due diligence and whether the sites are used as intended.
Will be verified and if the town hall is not an unlawful address registrations.
The fourth strand of the massive prosecutorial "inspection" of whether the mayor Chokovi is to protect public order in the municipality. "In this direction will gather information from files in the Interior Ministry and Prosecutor's Office of pre-trial criminal or sadebnoadministrativni proceedings etc., Incl. Will perform a comparison of the data for subsequent activity of the prosecution or police authorities in cases" initiated "by Mayor of the City Hall, "the state prosecution.
Special attention will be paid to whether he had organized the preservation of agricultural property. In this direction will be checked whether the Polish security and hunt for violators, whether imposing administrative sanctions and measures are being taken to restore the damage caused to farmers.
The check covers the implementation of the budget of City Hall, which is part of the municipality of Byala Slatina. Moreover, prosecutors will have to establish whether, when the mayor of Byala Slatina is contracting functions Chokovi, he has performed them under the law.
10 days ago Tsatsarov ordered a team of SCP to go to District Prosecutor's Office in Slatina to check all files and cases concerning Chokovi and members of his family. The reason for this was the last occasion in which the student Radoslav Iliev complained he was beaten by the son of Chokovi - Martin. Iliev received a concussion and was hospitalized.
Then the prosecution asked for permanent custody Chokovi Martin, but he was released on bail of 2000 lev, and this led to protests in Galiche.

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Tsatsarov ordered a total review of the management of Tsenko Chokovi Tsatsarov ordered a total review of the management of Tsenko Chokovi